"Private Way" by Ladette Randolph

"Private Way" by Ladette Randolph

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This is a fabulous read by my friend Ladette Randolph. She is the editor in chief of Ploughshares magazine and is distinguished publisher-in-residence at Emerson College. Ladette has written several books including This is Not the Tropics - and a lovely person to boot!

A bit about Private Way...
In 2015, when cyberbullies disrupt her life in Southern California, Vivi Marx quits the internet and flees to the one place where she felt safe as a child—with her grandmother in Lincoln, Nebraska. Nevermind that her grandmother is long dead and she doesn’t know anyone else in the state. Even before she meets her new neighbors on Fieldcrest Drive, Vivi knows she’s made a terrible mistake, but every plan she makes to leave is foiled. Despite her efforts to outrun it, trouble follows her to Nebraska, just not in the ways she’d feared. With the help of her neighbors, Willa Cather’s novels, and her own imagination, Vivi finds something she hadn’t known she was searching for.

242 pages

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