Tatine Ancient Hinoki Candle

Tatine Ancient Hinoki Candle

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I adore these candles! It was the gorgeous, perfectly imperfect brass cup that first caught my eye. But, my oh my, I almost sailed to the clouds when it was lit! May you create your own flight of fancy each time you burn them.

Hinoki, well known for it's relaxing therapeutic effect, creates earthly aromas of fir needle and sacred cypress trail beautifully underneath spicy zen forest blend. 

Made of all natural aromas derived from essentials, absolutes, and plant based extracts which are sustainably sourced. NOTES:

- TOP: Lime, Ginger, Shiso

- MIDDLE: Fir Needle, Pepper, Patchouli, Vetiver
- BASE: Cedarwood, Cypress

4 oz. candle in a hand forged, heavyweight patinated brass cup. Slight flaws on the surface are part of the unique, handmade process.

Burn time: approximately 22 hours.

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