"Blue Desert" by Celia Jeffries

"Blue Desert" by Celia Jeffries

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"This book will astound you."
-Lesléa Newman, activist and author of I Wish My Father

Blue Desert is the story of Alice George, a headstrong young British woman, and her life among the Tuareg, a tribe of nomadic warriors. While the outside world faced the catastrophe of World War I, the Tuareg continued to crisscross the Sahara as they always had. A matrilineal society in which the men are veiled and the women hold property—a world in which anything can happen—it was a world well suited to eighteen-year-old Alice, who discovers a life she could never live in corseted England. 

Paperback, 318 pages

Come to Celia's Book Signing Event in the Store (outside if it's nice)!
Saturday, Sept 18th 11am - 2pm.

All are welcome! 


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