Tatine Candle: Garden Mint

Tatine Candle: Garden Mint

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Tatine makes the most divine scented candles created from an exquisite blend of bespoke perfume oils and essential oils, which are phthalate-free, and natural wax without a trace of petroleum-derived paraffin.

These are elegant little creatures made with natural black wax poured into smoke gray hand blown glassware with cotton wicking.

GARDEN MINT: Sparkling with lemon tea and the extraordinary extract of Schinus molle, also known as pink peppercorn. Ethically harvested and distilled in Lima, Peru, the essential oil is purified in France by a soft molecular distillation process and then blended into our fragrance for its gorgeous Evergreen character and feeling of sweet solace. An incredibly lush and herbal aromatic garden mint braided with berries, ginger, eucalyptus and delicate jasmine petals. ⁣⁣

3 ounces each. Approx. 16 hours of burn time.

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