Eau de Parfum  - West Third Brand
Eau de Parfum  - West Third Brand

Eau de Parfum - West Third Brand

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Smell the Love. I am mad for West Third Brand - renowned for their handcrafted, made-to-order unisex aromas for women and men.

Choose from two scents - both are an easy-to-wear, minimalist blend, of earthy botanicals. It's a tough choice!

Midnight Cowboy: Piquant essence of black currant, salted sandalwood with tobacco leaf layered with patchouli, bergamot, neroli and vetiver. Hints of black pepper and a trace of faded rose, vanilla and aromatic cloves dusted with tears of golden amber.

Scout: Sensual musky notes and labdanum, sweet balsam & coumarin with the rich floralcy of geranium, orange blossom & lavender. Featuring black patchouli, Egyptian amber and hints of spicy vanilla.

Key Ingredients: alcohol, fragrance oil, water

Eau de Parfum | Travel size: 10 ml

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