Leaked Recipes: The Cookbook
Leaked Recipes: The Cookbook

Leaked Recipes: The Cookbook

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'A Collection of over 50 Recipes Found in the World’s Biggest Email Leaks and the Stories Behind Them'

This book is so fascinating! It compiles major email leaks of the past 15 years through the theme of cooking. Part reportage, part cookbook, it showcases over 50 recipes for breakfast, dips, main dishes, sides and desserts. The recipes come from emails released after having been hacked, leaked, breached and uploaded by governments as part of large-scale investigations. Indulge in once-confidential instructions, shared by staff from the world’s most influential companies, government workers linked to Hillary Clinton's emails and more. Illustrating each recipe is a photograph by Emilie Baltz, offering a unique mix of office culture, technology and food appreciation. A riotous insight into office culture, politics, family and friendships, this book is a unique and engaging perspective on the pressing issue of data privacy.

hard cover
7.7 x 0.8 x 10.4 inches
280 pages

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